About Us

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Our Vision

To create a space that will place value on the environment & local community, and inspire those who come here to do the same in their lives.

The Owners: Norm, Linda, Larz & Oska vant Hoff

Norm first came (from Australia) to Bali in the mid-eighties, and then, on his fourth visit in 1989, he leased land from a local family and built a two-story bungalow from coconut wood and bamboo. This was Norm’s hideaway in paradise. He took a couple of months off work every year to come to Bali. He met Linda in 1992, and they married, in a colorful Balinese ceremony at Sarinbuana.

Together they imagined a place where people could come to be inspired by Balinese culture, the lush farmlands and the beauty of the rainforest on Mt Batukaru. Over the next five years, they held Permaculture courses at the Lodge, inviting international students, for an intensive two weeks, to learn about integrated design for sustainable communities and food production.

In 2000, Norm, Linda and their two boys, Larz and Oska, moved permanently to Bali. Over the next few years they developed their beautiful home in paradise into an Eco-lodge, adding more bungalows, where others could come to share their experience.

A bit about Norm  

Many years ago, after receiving my Diploma of Permaculture, I started teaching, and then I abruptly stopped. At the time I thought it was more important to go out into the World and do real projects, I thought I should prove the principles and methods of Permaculture in practice, in other words, try to make a real difference, rather than talking about it. Thos who can do…’

Now, after many projects and many years of very diverse experiences, and having achieved a measure of success, I think its time to start teaching.


Most importantly, our family has been living Permaculture for long enough that I can speak with confidence about the benefits weve received and the joy its brought to our lives, and those around us. Ive been studying continuously for 30 years, and Ive spent the last 20 years constantly doing projects, so its time to spread the word, its time for me to pass on what weve learned.


Its impossible to summarise all aspects of all projects, theres always the gardens, working with staff and/or the community, work with government officers, non-toxic pest control & cleaning, energy & water conservation et al. There are no perfect projects in the real World, but suffice to say that in every project I do my best to integrate as many aspects of sustainability as possible.


Our Eco Lodge has proven that genuine ecotourism can have a profound impact on a rural community and their natural environment. And remember, tourism is the biggest industry on the planet, if you care, its valuable to work sustainably - in this industry

    Sarinbuana Eco Lodge - Co designed with Linda & Constructon management

    Bali Eco Stay - Consult, Design & Constructon management

    Bali Eco Beach House - Design & Constructon management

    Loola Adventure Resort - Consult, Design & Constructon management

    Sumber Sari Eco Villas - Design & Constructon management

    Bali Fresh - design & Constructon management


Subsurface flow wetlands, anti-sludge septic tanks, vegetated leachfields

    Villas, businesses & a water-recycling public toilet in Uluwatu, Bali

    Training for 190 international sanitation engineers in Aceh

    Wrote Guidelines for Sustainable Sanitation in Aceh, ratified by UNICEF, USAID, GTZ et al

    Sanitation consulting & design for various NGOs & Govt Agencies in Aceh

    Re-design & build sanitation systems for 1.000 on-site systems, Swiss Caritas 

    Design, socialise & build sanitation systems for 2.000 houses, British/American Red Cross 


Solar-passive, solar powered, local materials & workers, wastewater systems etc

Check out: wwwgreenworldbali.com

    Sarinbuana Eco Lodge - farm-grown timber & bamboo

    Bali Eco Stay - farm-grown timbers throughout

    Bali Eco Beach House - farm-grown & recycled timbers

    Loola Adventure Resort - farm grown & recycled timbers, a large bamboo shingle roof

    Sumber Sari Eco Villas - bamboo-reinforced concrete, pumice stone aggregate concrete

    Bali Fresh - 2 storeys all bamboo private house


    Save fringing reefs of the Whitsundays campaign - co founder of OUCH

 Tropical Permaculture training for a group of active women in North Bali*

    High School Environmental Awareness Program in Bali

    Ongoing rubbish management programs initiated in several villages in Bali by Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

    Various trainings & socialisation in post-tsunami reconstruction in Aceh

    Presentations to high schools students at the Eco Lodge

 Initiated & ongoing support for Reef Regeneration Project/Program in West Bali


A few years ago (2010) I joined with some friends a permaculture design course with Norman vant Hoff.

The knowledge I gained there was absolute amazing! We received a lot of information which I directly could implement in our business and home. For example I built after the course 3 waste water systems which run till today very perfectly! Also my mind got more opened for many subjects I was not considering before and helped me to increase my thinking/living of being a more responsible person on this planet. I would like to add that I am a engineer of horticulture and know quite something, but the consolidated knowledge of Norm is just a joy to listen.

Norm is a very special teacher and what impressed me a lot is, that he is not only talking about permaculture but he is living it! I cant think of having a better teacher than him for permaculture and I am very thankful for the great experience and the knowledge which I was able to receive.

Beate Dotterweich: http://warung-bambu.mahanara.com/  and  www.villa-manuk.com/

Currently, Norm is…

  • In Papua Indonesia... while writing the PDC course for Oct 2016

Norm is available for Design Consultation & Permaculture Teaching in English & Indonesian.

You can contact him directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A bit about Linda



Linda vant Hoff is from New Zealand, she first came to Bali in 1984, as a solo traveler she fell in love with the people & the nature. Linda studied and practiced Permaculture & Organic farming for over 20 years. She gained qualifcations as a Organic Farm Inspector for Certification. Linda was a self proclaimed " workshop junkie" in her early years - studying:  Natuopathy, Bush flower essences, Biodynamics, Swedish & Thai massage, Body Harmony & Reiki....

to name a few.  Linda has sailed the northern coasts of NZ, and was the first mate on the beautiful 57 foot White Swan in the Great Barrier reef Australia for several years, sailing the Whitsunday Islands.

She instigated and managed the first Organic/ Bio dynamic Growers Market in Australia in 1998 which still continues today in Bellingen, NSW Australia.

 Now in Bali

She follows Permaculture principals, holds a PDC certificate & has facilited Permaculture courses at the lodge in Bali over the years. Linda has taught Environmental Studies for 5 years to International students at Sunrise school & home schooled their 2 sons at the lodge for many years (before she got too busy & wonderful tutors took over). Linda has trained the local staff at Sarinbuana Eco lodge in: Sustainable Management, Healthy cooking, Maintenance, Computer skills, English, House keeping & Organic gardening.

 Linda’s eye for 'natural aesthetic" is reflected throughout the lodge where she has designed the interior & exterior spaces. She works daily (when in house) with the staff on menus, landscaping, new design projects & has trained locals to be trekking guides and masseuses. Linda developed the weekly English class for local children for many years. She has also continues to support the weekly Balinese girls dance class, local boys soccer team for children aged 6 – 12 yrs & young Adults Futsel team. Linda has worked with the local community for many years, managing the Seacology project & on going environmental awareness in the community.

Linda has a love for Orangutans and has developed trekking Tours in Sumatra to bring economic benefits to the local community and raise awareness - on the plight of the Sumatran Orangutan. see Orangutan Treks

Linda is a Consultant for PT Bali Greenworld providing hands on experience in : Sustainable - Building, Tourism, Interior Design, Landscaping, Marketing & Business management.

To view Linda's past projects, please follow these links: Bali Eco Beach House, Sumber Sari Eco Villas & Bali Eco Stay

You can contact Linda directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

our wedding

Our Wedding @ the lodge in 1993

 Programs our Eco lodge currently financially supports 2016

  • Reef Regeneration Project/Program in West Bali
  • Rubbish management in West Bali
  • Ongoing support for Indonesian animal conservation FNPF
  • Rubbish pick up from 2 villages, school, shops & private houses.
  • Weekly English class for local children
  • Bi weekly football training for local children in our village
  • Weekly Futsel training, court hire & tournaments for young village adults
  • Our Orangutan Treks in Sumatra - All profits go to the local area & guides in Sumatra
  • Baby Orangutan annual adoption with AOP
  • Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association


    * Winner of the 2007 - 2008 and 2010 – 2011 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award for best Eco Lodge in South East Asia


                              Receiving the Lodge award in Thailand 2007 & Singapore 2010

      * Nominated & short listed for the 2009 & 2011 Virgin Responsible Tourism Awards

      * Highest rating by the Natural Guide to Bali

      * 2013 Wildforest Best Eco lodge - Winner

      * Trip Advisor Certificate of excellent 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015

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      Although we have endeavored to make our buildings and grounds safe. In the unlikely event of an accident or Medical emergency while staying at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge. Management will not be held responsible for any costs that may occur as a result.

      Management is not responsible for any loss suffered by guests or their belongings – safety boxes are provided in all bungalows