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This is an amazing experience to walk within the largest wetland rainforest in Bali. To see the dramatic changes in the flora as you assend Mt. Batukaru (2,200 m). This is the second highest mountain in Bali to Mt Agung (3,142 m). This is a unique rainforest experience different from other mountain climbs in Bali, which are treeless & baron scapes- as active volcanic areas.

The word Batukaru translated means, “The Coconut Shell Rock”.

Mount Batukaru is an extinct volcano & the most untouristic, natural Mountain climb in Bali.

Trekking to the summit of Batukaru is a 4 – 5 hour trip, and 3 – 4 hours to return.

A high level of fitness is required – it can be very steep and challenging in parts of the climb.

A day return trip should be started around 7 am to allow time to return in daylight.

Note: This walk is not recommended for children under 10 years old.

What You Will See

The trek to the summit for the most part is shaded by tropical rainforest.

The trail is narrow and unsealed.

You will climb from 700 m ascending to 2,200 m.

You will pass small mountain temples on the way, that can only be entered if you are wearing a sash.

Note: Women menstruating are not permitted to enter the temple grounds.

It is rare to see other trekkers on the trail.

On the trek you will see: Giant Fig trees, Native Orchids, epiphytes and incredible Pandanas trees, unusual at this altitude.

Your guide will pick native bush foods for you to try.

Although this is the home of the small deer (Kijang), the nocturnal Lubak, civet wild cats and pangolin (ant eaters) the only likely evidence that you will see is their droppings on the trail. The crab eating long tailed Macaque is sometimes seen in the trees near the temple or the leaf eating monkey can be heard.

From the summit on a clear day you will see the crater of Batukaru, the lakes of Bedugul, Mount Agung, Sount, West, East and North Bali Lombok, and Java.

You may find you are above the clouds…

Upper Montane Forest 1800 – 3000 m
Lower Montane Forest 1200 – 1800 m
(Jatiluwih Temple)
Lowland Forest 0 – 1200 m

A spiritual journey

Walking in the mountains of Bali, is a spiritual journey…

The Balinese believe that the spirit of the dead return to the mountains, making this a special and sacred place to be.

The locals say - you will only make it to the top if your heart is good. Each year our village members climb to the top to make offerings to the temple there

Eco-Lodge Experienced Guides

Local guides are compulsory for day treks to the summit of Mt. Batukaru.

Local guides will:

  • Ensure the safety of trekkers and have basic First Aid training
  • Offer valuable information on the trek
  • Help carry trekking gear

What to Bring on Your Trek

  • Comfortable hiking boots with socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen/Hat
  • Small Towel
  • Wet Weather Warm Jacket
  • Change of Clothes
  • Camera

You can expect a 5 degree drop in temperature at the summit of the mountain.

The signal for mobile phones on the trek is limited.

Price US$ Price
1 person IDR 1.000.000 US 111
2++ persons IDR 800.000 US 89
*Not suitable for children under 10 years

Please Contact us to book your trek in advance.

Guest Comments about the Trek

“This is by no means an easy trek, make sure you stop along the way to really appreciate how the magical mist falls- making this an enchanting forest, be humbled by the view with Mount Agung in the distance piercing the clouds – truly magnificent!” Sarah Brighton – England

“You work hard but the rewards are worth it! – Can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be for my 50th birthday!” Andrew – Australia

“An amazing intact ecosystem, beautiful butterflies and bird calls. We even saw some monkeys in the trees. Excellent informative guides.” Hans – Germany

“I’ve done a lot of trekking around the world – but this was unique!” Claudia – Switzerland

“I saw the mountain peaks sticking out from the clouds – it was amazing!” Larz (11 years old) – New Zealand

“The Batukaru hike was challenging and rewarding- an honor to be on a sacred mountain surveying all of Bali like Garuda!” Dominique – USA

Amazing trek, best to take your time & not think about the top, the journey there is very rewarding & the guides were so good, no touristy vibe here.... Sherry Singapore

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