If you genuinely want to support real Eco-tourism, before you book, ask specific questions and read their website carefully.

If a property claims to be "Eco", check out their claims to being “green” or “socially responsible.” Are they specific and demonstrable? or are they just vague claims meant to lure well-meaning travelers in.

Some questions to ask before you book:

Ask about their “eco” credentials – have they won any awards or been recognised for Eco tourism?

Ask about their Social & Environment programs, and can you see these programs during your stay?

Ask if their trekking guides belong to a local Community Association & how this Association gives back to the local area.

Some questions to ask when you are at the Hotel:

Ask specific questions about their Social programs.

Ask to see the non-toxic cleaning & pest control products.

Ask about projects they’ve done to protect or restore nature in their area.

Ask the staff about their work conditions, and if they’re happy.

Ask to see the sewage & wastewater treatment system/s.

‘We love it when people/ clients copy what we’ve done at the lodge, or when we can use our experience to help people build a similar business, as long as they genuinely care about nature and the local people.’

But we really don’t like it when Hotels use the "Eco" label, without contributing the effort and resources required for the projects and programs that make the "Eco" label real’.