Hi there, Friends of the lodge, We have a new project


Recently we met to talk with our staff about their dreams and aspirations for the future…

Here are their Wishes… if you would like to contribute to help make these wishes come true , please email me through the CONTACT US page.

Pak Ketut

Pak Ketut – Our village carver Ketut teaches guests to carve at the lodge, freelance. He fell from a coconut tree and was immobile for 5 years. His wife & son left him as he was not able to work.

During this time he taught himself to carve wood and stone. He now makes a good income from teaching our guests how to carve in wood or stone.

His dream is to set up a shop with his carvings for sale, this requires some input to buy wood and set up an area for displaying his work.

Project cost: Rp 5,000.000 (USD$450.00)


Our gardener aspires to teach Maths & science at our local school, he is a wizz at maths, and currently we dont have a maths teacher at the school so we would like to support this dream although we would miss him.

He would need Rp 1,200.000 (USD$ 105.00) per month to teach daily at the school.

Project cost: (USD$1,220.00) for 1 year.


Komang our amazing handyman would like a gas oven and gas bottle for his mum to cook their meals – currently they use a wood fired oven.

Project cost: Rp 1,200.000 (USD$150)


Eka has been working hard to build a new kitchen and toilet, she would now like to tile her earth floor so it will be dry for her family in the wet season.

Project cost: Rp 2,000.000 (USD$235.00)


Lena’s son was born prematurely with 1 leg shorter than the other, now he is 8 years old. She would like to have some orthopedic shoes made for him.

Project cost: Rp 3,000.000 (USD$340.00)