eco win

We are happy to announce that we have won the 2010 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award in the Small to Mid-size accommodation.

Norm & I returned from Singapore after receiving the award which regonises responsible Tourism operators in 11 South East Asian countries.

Nominations come from:  Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, Sri lanka, Philippines & India.

We are grateful to Wild Asia operating as the only organisation in the region to acknowledge and verify credible Responsible Tourism.

We would like to encourage all RT operators to submit their applications for next years awards, in support of Responsible Tourism.

and also we would really like to bring the awards to Bali next year Oct 2011, so we can highlight and promote responsible Tourism.

The award ceremony needs a Green Globe sponsor to accommodate speakers and hold the awards in a conference center… come on all you Green Globe hotels in Nusa Dua and kuta lets see some commitment and promotional rewards for you Responsible Tourism practices!