Responsible Tourism

What is Sustainable Eco Tourism?

“Tourism is sustainable when its development and operation include participation of local population, protection of the total environment, fair economic return for the industry and its host community,

as well as a mutual respect for and gratification of all involved parties” [Jafari, 1996, p.959].


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge has become a leading example of Eco Tourism in Bali. Implementing a sustainable business model from which the lodge has been successfully operating since 2005


  • Management, operations and development of the Eco Lodge will be guided by universal principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability (as elucidated, eg, by Green Globe 21)
  • The Eco Lodge business will be managed for the-  enhancement, rather than degradation, of local cultural, economic and natural environments

The Management of the Eco Lodge will:

  • strive to meet and exceed International Standards for Eco-Tourism
  • strive to integrate best business practices with best environmental practices
  • strive to maintain amicable, open communications with the local community
  • strive to create new opportunities for locals to enjoy profits from eco-tourism (not just wages). The general policy shall be that new opportunities for income should also enhance local eco-tourism generally
  • strive to set high local standards, in service, guest experience and sustainable management, for future eco-tourism development in the area. In effect, the Eco Lodge will seek to “brand” Sarinbuana as a genuine, small-scale, eco-tourism destination
  • strive to the provide a memorable experience for guests without compromising the principles of sustainability and ethical business
  • continue to pursue a development policy, which focuses on income-growth from improving standards rather than increasing guest numbers, thereby limiting socio-environmental impacts while still providing significant income opportunities for locals
  • promote a general policy of land-leasing, rather than land purchase, for future developments thereby encouraging local people to retain ownership (or stewardship) of their family land
  • participate in local politics, encouraging more effective regulation and better environmental stewardship by the Community and Government

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