What is an Eco Lodge?

Definition : (As defined by Sarinbuana Eco Lodge)

An Eco Lodge is sustainably integrated with the Natural, Built and Social Environments

An Eco Lodge offers so much more than a room…

Natural Environment

  • Is located in a natural area, or a rural area within a short distance to a natural area, and is not significantly impacted by a town site, noise, traffic, or smog.
  • Employs land management strategies and systems that protect the environment from pollution and degradation.
  • Employs sustainable waste management systems.
  • Employs water saving measures.
  • Minimizes the use of toxic or non-biodegradable chemicals.
  • Has organic food available for guests.
  • Annually plants native trees.
  • Supports biodiversity.
  • Protects native fauna and flora.
  • Chemicals are not used in the food production system.

Built Environment

  • Uses natural cleaning materials in housekeeping.
  • Uses local, sustainable building materials where possible.
  • Is small, usually less than 20 rooms.
  • Employs energy saving tactics and renewable energy where possible.
  • Buildings are built in harmony with the natural surroundings.
  • Buildings consume less than 1/3 of the overall land area.
  • Buildings reflect traditional designs.
  • Uses only local trades persons where possible.
  • Recycles organic, and non organic wastes were possible.
  • Has a system in place to offset carbon.

Social Environment

  • Employs local staff where possible
  • Trains and employs local people who are paid at fair wages.
  • Informs guests, staff and visitors of the importance and value of a healthy ecosystem and describes how to best enjoy the area without causing negative impacts.
  • Joins local village/government meetings and welcomes feedback from the local people.
  • Places real value on, and actively supports, the local culture.
  • Employs, or has access to, interpretive nature guides who are either trained in biology or have significant local knowledge of the habitat.
  • Provides books, posters, maps, photographs, orientation talks to inform guests and visitors about the biology of the area.
  • Contributes to the local economy and helps demonstrate that ecotourism is a more sustainable long term way to earn income than destroying or altering habitats for short term gains.
  • Is involved in community social and environmental projects.
  • Encourages sustainable economic community development.
  • The operation strives to harmonise with and highlight the local culture.

What you can do to be an “Eco guest”

Please bring with you :

  • Your love of nature
  • Natural shampoos – we have waste water gardens that are sensitive to chemicals
  • Biodegradable nappies
  • If you have any 2nd-hand word cards, toys or games for young children 5 - 10 years .

Other things to consider…

  • Offsetting your Carbon foot print – see carbon offsetting.
  • Order "Eco Friendly or Raw" meals from our menu.
  • Take a walk with our local guides into the rainforest and in doing so IDR25.000 of your fee will go to the Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association fund.
  • Join a workshop with our local community to spread the money around.
  • Donate to one of our community projects.
  • Donate to our Bird Breeding program
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