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Cooking Class


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Learn Indonesian



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Table Decorations








Balinese Cooking Class - Guest Favorite

Join our local women in the kitchen to help prepare your meal from our menu.

Learn how to make traditional sambal using traditional spices from the garden.

Time: 1 hour / 4pm - 5pm daily

Price IDR.100,000 (1 person) 

2 -3 people IDR 60.000


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workshop Balinese calligraphy

Balinese Calligraphy

An introduction to Balinese writing.

Learn the characters and translate your own words into the Balinese language.

Time: 1 hour

Price IDR 100,000 ( 1 person)

2++ IDR 60.000


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Balinese costume

Balinese Ceremonial Costume- guest favorite for children

Dress in traditional Balinese ceremony costume.

Learn the significance of sarong designs & hair pieces.

Time: 1 hour

Price IDR 100,000 (1 person)

2++ IDR 60.000


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Table decorations

Balinese Table Decorations (Pajegan Bunga) - Guest Favorite 

Learn how to make a variety of different Balinese table decorations

that you can do at home.

Time: 1 hour

Price IDR 100,000 1 Person

2++ IDR 60.000


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massage workshop

Balinese Massage Instruction

Learn some of the techniques used in Balinese massage while you are

being massaged, or massage your partner.

Time: 1 ½ hours

Price IDR 200,000 - 1 person


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IMG 2648

Traditional Medicine & Balinese Healing Plants- Guest Favorite

Visit our local herbalist who will teach you some of the traditional medicines

from plants to heal the body for:

Fever, Stomach ache, Tooth ache, Muscle ache, Cough

Time: 2 hours with interpreter

Price IDR 250,000 (1 -2 people)


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Traditional Balinese Carving- Guest Favorite

Sit with Pak Ketut, a local self taught carver. Choose your own design or a traditional

design made by Ketut.

For Beginner, Intermediate and advanced carvers

Ketut has carved most of the ornate work in our bungalows.

carving advanced1

Traditional Wood Carving

Choose your design then join Ketut in the Carving Bale to create your piece.

Time: 3 hours

Price: IDR 350.000 (per person) including your carving to take home


workshop limestone carving

Lime stone carving

This is an easier medium to carve, and is suitable for children as

well as adults.

Time: 3 hours

Price IDR. 250,000 (per person) including your carving to take home


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Learning indonesian 2

Basic Indonesian language

Learn the Alphabet, Greetings and words you would like to know in Indonesian

Time: 1 hour

Price IDR 100,000 1 person

2++ IDR 60.000


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Temple decorations

Balinese Temple offerings (Canang Sari) - Guest Favorite

Our local village women will show you how to make beautiful offerings

for the temple from coconut palm fronds

Time: 1 hour

Price IDR 100,000 1 person

2++ IDR 60.000


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Traditional Balinese Instrument Instruction

Learn to play the bamboo Rendik or Balinese flute with our local musicans

Time: 3 hours with an english interpreter

* Balinese Flute workshop Price IDR 250,000 ( 1 person)

* Rendik workshop Price IDR 300.000 ( 1 person)


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seasonal workshops sugar palm

Seasonal Workshops Farming Crops

Learn about Rice planting, Cacao, Vanilla, Palm sugar processing or Coffee growing.

These are seasonal workshops, depending on the time of year you can take part:

Planting, Harvesting or Processing

Time: 3 hours

Price IDR 300,000  1 Person

2++ IDR 200.000


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½ Day Permaculture & Sustainability Workshops with Norman van’t Hoff Dip. Perm. (Diploma of Permaculture)

Please select your workshop choice when you book your accommodation.

Workshop Price: IDR 1,500.000 (USD$170.00) for each individual workshop – up to 10 people.

Relevant readings are suggested for you to study before your arrival at the Eco Lodge. Printed and/or digital take-home materials are supplied. Workshop Duration 9.00 – 13.00 (4 hours)

Workshop choices

Workshop 1: A Brief Introduction to Permaculture

A Fully Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary, Design Science for Sustainable Communities.

Workshop 2: What is Sustainability?

Sustainability Defined How To Test for Sustainability, Global Issues… Q: Why do we seem to always destroy the resources and ecosystems on which we depend? A: It’s… ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ see it online… Q: How do we solve the ‘Tragedy? A: We Regulate Resource Use & Management for a Truly Sustainable Common Future.

Workshop 3: The (enhanced) Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming Explained Predictions for Changes in the Near Future Adapting your Lifestyle to a Changing Climate

Workshop 4: Permaculture Principles for Specific Climate Zones

Cool/Cold Temperate Sub/Tropical Wet/Humid Arid/ Drylands

Workshop 5: Converting your Household

A Healthy Household Detoxifying House-cleaning Pest control Clothes Washing & Bathing

Workshop 6: Redesigning your Gardens

Environmental Landscaping for Food & Habitat for Native Species Low-Maintenance Food Gardens & Food Forests Other useful plants: medicinal, firewood, soil-improvers, building materials, oils & perfumes

Workshop 7: Permaculture Principles for Sustainable Land Management


Sustainable Agriculture Managing Natural Areas Sustainable Resource Management Sustainable Development

Workshop 8: Permaculture Principles for Sustainable Water Management

Water Management is a big subject. This workshop will be tailored to your specific interests or requirements.

Workshop 9: Permaculture Principles for Sustainable Waste Management

Responsible Consumerism Reducing Waste Production Composting Wastewater Systems for Households

Workshop 10: Permaculture Principles for Organic Farming

Agriculture is, by far, the Most Damaging Industry on Earth If We Want to Save the Planet We Have to Fix Farming.

Workshop 11: Permaculture in Cities

Are cities potentially sustainable? Strategies for Security & Sustainable Lifestyles in the City.

Workshop 12: Social & Community Projects

Assessing Local Needs and Resources Communicating & Working with your Community Funding Sources Designing & Implementing Environmental/Social Projects & Programs

Workshop 13: Sustainable Aid & Development

Stewardship and Sustainable Resource Management The Vital Role of Environmental Management in Every Aspect of Sustainable Development

Workshop 14: Visions of Sustainable Futures

Global, National and Regional Community and Household Strategies for Happiness and Prosperity in the 21st Century

Workshop 15: Sustainable Economics… ‘Permanomics? Permanomy?’

The Economics of Sustainability Environmental Economics The Triple Bottom Line, CSR, Pure Economics vs the Neo-Cons… Adam Smith & Keynes vs Freidman & the ‘Chicago School’

Suggested Readings

PERMACULTURE A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison, Half-Gone by J. Leggett The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery Collapse by Jarrod Diamond The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein The World Business Council for Sustainable Development WBCSD The Wealth of the Poor by The World Resources Institute

Video: ‘The Global Gardener’ with Bill Mollison, a four-part TV series by ABC Australia


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