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I have found my favourite getaway spot in the world! Everything about the lodge is amazing. I stayed in Rumah Manis for 3 nights on their going solo package, the bungalow is cozy & comfortable and very private. 

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens & rainforests. The natural water pool is beautiful. The food is unlike anything I have had - it fresh, tasty (lots of fresh herbs from their garden)  The perfect place to getaway and really immerse in nature!
Louise, Australia

Going it Solo Package

3 Nights for 1 person

  • Slow down and take it easy ... 

  • Revive your soul & spirit in Nature

  • Focus on what you are putting into your body, with nutritious healing meals sourced from our Permaculture gardens

  • Release accumulated tension during a therapeutic organic massage by our tranquil koi carp pond

  • Explore  some quiet time in your private bungalow  or  reconnect with nature wandering  through our spacious gardens & pools


Note: Telkomsel  4G works excellently here to hotspot from your phone if needed in your bungalow or explore a digital detox




Lush price - Orchid or Rumah manis

Price: IDR 9,300.000 (approx. A$890)

*entrees, drinks & desserts not included


Please make sure you choose 4 days to check availability on the booking calendar

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