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Responsible Tourism

Our Mission


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge has become a leading example of Eco Tourism in Bali. Implementing a sustainable business model from which the lodge has been successfully operating since 2005




  • Management, operations and development of the Eco Lodge will be guided by universal principles of social, economic and environmental sustainability (as elucidated, eg, by Green Globe 21)

  • The Eco Lodge business will be managed for the-  enhancement, rather than degradation, of local cultural, economic and natural environments


The Management of the Eco Lodge will:


        Strive to:

  • meet and exceed International Standards for Eco-Tourism

  • integrate best business practices with best environmental practices

  •  maintain amicable, open communications with the local community

  • create new opportunities for locals to enjoy profits from eco-tourism (not just wages). The general policy shall be that new opportunities for income should also enhance local eco-tourism generally

  • set high local standards, in service, guest experience and sustainable management, for future eco-tourism development in the area. In effect, the Eco Lodge will seek to “brand” Sarinbuana as a genuine, small-scale, eco-tourism destination

  •  the provide a memorable experience for guests without compromising the principles of sustainability and ethical business

  • continue to pursue a development policy, which focuses on income-growth from improving standards rather than increasing guest numbers, thereby limiting socio-environmental impacts while still providing significant income opportunities for locals

  • promote a general policy of land-leasing, rather than land purchase, for future developments thereby encouraging local people to retain ownership (or stewardship) of their family land

  • participate in local politics, encouraging more effective regulation and better environmental stewardship by the Community and Government













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