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About us

Norm vant Hoff
Norm vant Hoff
Linda vant Hoff
Linda vant Hoff
Larz vant Hoff
Oska vant Hoff
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Our wedding @ the lodge

In the year 1990 Norm from Australia created a private getaway in the remote mountains of Bali with his girlfriend Margarette, they found a piece of land surrounded by nature, with incredible views, a mountain spring fed river & a lovely Balinese family. 

The land was initially filled with only coconut trees and grasslands with Bali cows and amazing expansive views. 

In 1993 Norm invited Linda from New Zealand to stay for a few months, life was very simple with only 1 solar panel for music and a few lights, local food & our Balinese family - what followed was a 3 day Balinese wedding celebration 

and then! - 2 amazing boys Larz & Oska to join their journey...


In the year 2000, they wanted their children to grow up in this natural environment, so Linda homeschooled the boys with the help of tutors.

The boys became fluent in Balinese, which allowed them to fully integrate into the local community.

A 1 day a week trip to the Sth for guitar lessons & football kept them in pace with another world.


Norm and Linda's love for the community led them to initiate various projects over the years.

They wanted to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of the local subsistence farming families who nurtured the land

& to teach local children to learn english if they were inspired.

The lodge gradually evolved into a business, although it was never initially planned as such. Like-minded people who heard about

Norm and Linda's unique experience wanted to come and share in it.

As a result, the lodge welcomed guests who sought a serene retreat surrounded by nature and the warm embrace of the local community.

Every plant you see at the lodge was planted by our family and team. Norm and Linda wanted their family and guests to enjoy

garden-to-table meals, where the ingredients were sourced directly from the land where possible. They ensured that no chemicals were used in

the gardens or housekeeping, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.


Our local team poured their heart and soul into the creation of the lodge. They have been an integral part of the journey, helping to shape and nurture our nature retreat over the years. Norm and Linda are immensely grateful to everyone who has been a part of this adventure.


And so, Norm and Linda's story began in the remote mountains of Bali, where their vision of a private family getaway transformed into a unique Eco lodge that embraces nature, community, and sustainable living, now as a guest can be part of this grassroots journey and experience a 30 year path building a sustainable life

Our Team

The lodge's wonderful dedicated team - most have been with us for over 14 years.

We only employ team members from our local villages, building capacity where experience is not available

A  Special Tribute

To the Balinese family who made the lodge's  journey possible 

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