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For all transport information - Please Click here

Q. Can you arrange our transfer to and from the lodge?

A. We can pick you up from anywhere in Bali including the airport, please give us 24 hours notice to arrange your transfer. Whatsapp is the best way to let us know your details. Our number is +62 813 3902 8839


Q. Will I be sharing a car with other guests if i take a transfer with you?

A. All transfers are private just for you


Q. Does our room price include transfers?

A. I'm sorry but as the trip to the lodge is approx 1.5 hours from most destinations we are unable to offer your transfer without charge.

We support our local community drivers to earn a regular income, driving freelance for our lodge.

Q. We arrive after 9pm to the airport – is this too late to arrive at the lodge?

A. The lodge is 2 hours driving from the airport depending on traffic in the south, we accept guests at any time who are arriving with our lodge drivers who know the way here only

Q. Whats the latest time I can arrive at the lodge taking my own transport?

A. Room Check in closes at 7pm if you are arriving in your own car or with an outside driver.

Q. We are driving with our own driver or rental car to the lodge, can you provide a map?

A. Please download the street map from the Transfer info page Click here

Q. Can I take a Grab car or motorbike to your property?

A. Yes if you are arriving from a city center Grab & Gojek are available, for departing the lodge,  Grab & Gojek are not available from this location

Q. Do you have a car seat for a Baby?

A. No sorry we don't have a baby car seat, we suggest you bring your own seat, Or please follow this link to hire a car with driver and baby seat



Q. How many people can fit in our room?

A. Please have a look at the floor plans for each bungalow on our website.

Q. Do you have air conditioning?

A. Due to our lovely mild mountain temperatures we do not need air conditioning at any time of the year


Q. How far is the nearest hospital from the lodge?

A. Our closest hospital is approximately 50 minutes from the lodge, please follow this link to view the International inpatient services

Q. What vaccinations do I need for traveling to Bali?

A. Please consult with your Doctor

Q. Is there Malaria in Bali?

A. Officially there is no malaria in Bali, we have never had a case of Malaria here in our village.

Q. Do you have mosquito nets?

A. All bungalows have mosquito nets although mosquitoes are rare here and usually only at dawn and dusk.

In the tropics sensible light clothing at these times is the best solution for not being bitten.

Q. Do you have mosquitoes?

A. Mosquitoes have adapted to climate change and are now found in Holland, Central Europe & USA, they are no longer a tropical insect. Our family has lived here for 20 years without mosquito nets.

We have the occasional mosquito at dawn & dusk.



Q. I’ve read some reviews that make me worry about insects in the room.

A. Please remember that the appearance of moths, ants, geckos and frogs is normal in a living diverse ecosystem.

As an Eco lodge we aim to educate... so that irrational fears of creatures may turn to a love and respect for those sharing the planet with us. Insects indicate a living & diverse ecosystem.

Q. What creatures might I encounter @ the lodge

A. Butterflies, Moths, Geckos, Skinks, Bee's, Native frogs & toads, Ants & Harmless Spiders 



Q. Would it be possible to have my meals in my room?

A Yes all meals can be served to your room, room service of 25% applies.


Q. Do you cater for special dietary needs?

A. Yes we can cater for: Food allergies, Gluten free, vegan & vegetarian diets – please advise us of your requirements before arrival.

Q. How much are your meals?

A. Our meals range from Rp 80.000 to Rp 150.000 (for special dinners).

The average price for dinner is Rp 90.000 - Rp120.000.

Q. We arrive late what time does your restaurant close?

A. The restaurant closes at 9pm - Last dinner orders are at 7.30pm

Q. Do you have Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw food as options on your Menu

A. Yes we have all the above available for you.

Q. Do you have Western meals?

A. Yes, we have western meals available.

Q. Is there tax on meals

A. All meals & drinks are inclusive of 15% Gov tax & Service charge

Q. Is there anywhere else to eat close to the lodge?

A. There are 3 local eateries - 1 minute & 5 minutes walk from the lodge serving budget priced local Indonesian meals. Also Talasi Coffee Farm & Allasari Hotel are walking distance from the lodge.

Q. Do you serve meat?

A. Yes we offer probiotic Chicken dishes, Fish & Balinese pork on occasion as a Special.

No Beef as this industry is currently the single most damaging Industry to our planet.



Q. What kind of footwear do we need on the day trek to the top of Batukaru?

A. Hiking boots or Trainers are the preferred footwear.

Q. What kind of footwear do we need for the 3 hour treks ?

A. Open walking sandals or trainers, whichever you prefer.

Q. Do I need to book my activities before I arrive?

A. You can book All your activities once you get here, the Batukaru Day Trek to the summit is weather

permitting & can be confirmed 3 days before your climb.


Q. Do you have a swimming pool?

A. Yes we have a chemical free swimming pool suitable for all ages, open 24 hours with quiet hours between

9pm - 7am. We also have 3 freshwater private river pools.

Q. How far is the nearest beach?

A. The nearest beach is 50 minutes away on the West coast - Pesat, Balian beach.

 Medewi surfing beach is 90 minutes, 90 minutes to the north coast and 90 minutes to the south coast.



Q. What are the temperatures by night & day at the lodge?

A. Please follow this link to see the local weather in Bali

Q. Will it be raining at the lodge if we come in the wet season?

A. Officially the wet season is Dec – March in Bali, although it has rained on all months of the year.

Q. If I come in the wet season will it rain all day?

A. During the wet season the mornings are usually clear and sunny, with clouds forming around noon and possible rain around 2pm for a few hours (a good time to have a massage or read a book).

This is the best time to get amazing views from the lodge.



Q. Do you have Wifi ?

A. Yes we have free WiFi in the Restaurant 4G from 7am - 9pm. The Monkey Bungalow only has unlimited wifi

Q. Can I zoom, skype or stream movies at the lodge?

A. Yes

Q Can I have a private wifi connection while staying at the lodge?

A. Yes we can help you to set up a private 4G connection to your phone (small charges apply)

Note: Telkomsel works well here 4G to hotspot from your phone in your bungalow



Q. Can I pay with foreign money?

A. We can Accept AUD$, US$ & Euro - Calculated at the daily rate of exchange

Q. Can I pay with bank transfer?

A. Yes please make your payment using Wise for International transfers, Currency - IDR Rupiah

Q. Can i pay with a credit/ debit card?

A. Yes we can accept Visa & Mastercard - 2.5% bank fee applies

Cancelation Policy 

Q. Whats is your Cancelation Policy

A.Before arrival
Your deposit is non refundable but transferable* within 1 year of your stay date. *Subject to availability & any price changes.
After arrival  
A. A 1 night cancellation fee will be charged if you wish to cancel any accommodation nights after arrival

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