There's so much to do at the lodge or do nothing at all, Read a book, Have a massage,

Practice yoga, Eat slowly and take in Ayurvedic healing spices straight

from our organic garden. Watch the sunrise or a Starry night sky

 Soak in the sounds of an alive ecosystem 


 3 - 5 days is a minimum length of stay,

Recommended a longer 7 - 14 day stay- to venture into Body, Mind & Soul healing ...

We also have a large library, book exchange, board games, childrens toys & books 

Plus a small gift shop selling locally made items - including our own Organic coffee grown at the lodge farm, our natural in room soaps, instruments, sarongs , drink bottles, t-shirts & jewellery

Private Workshops 1 -3hrs
11 workshops with our community
Treks & Hikes 3 - 7 hrs
Massage & Healing
Natural water pools
For Children
Bird & Nature Watching
Car & Bike guided trips
Yoga in the Treetops!
Tree top yoga bale
Mountain Bike
Ride through local villages, rice paddys & farmlands to the beach - All downhill
Cultural Experiences
Fish ponds & Bales
We have 4 Bales for relaxation & 2 Fish ponds
Rescued Animal feeding
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