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Join Local Ceremonies

There are many ceremonies in Bali occurring throughout the year.

Every village temple has a ceremony twice a year, usually on the full moon.


There are also frequent ceremonies for new born babies, weddings, funerals, tooth filing, as well as the annual Hindu ceremonies for new year (Nyepi), Galungan and Kuningan.


The local people at Sarinbuana village welcome guests to join their ceremonies. Traditional costume can be supplied by the Eco lodge.

Meet the Locals and Try a Locally Grown Organic Coffee


Take a stroll down the road and meet our local farming community, depending on the time of year you might see, cocoa or coffee beans laid out in the sun to dry, or villagers planting rice, making palm sugar syrup or preparing for a ceremony.


There are small shops called warungs which you are welcome to sit at and enjoy a local organic coffee or maybe some Balinese cakes.


The lodge has 11 workshops to choose from, this is a great opportunity to  discover more about the area and  the lives of our local farming village. 

To see our workshops choices please 

Cultural Experiences

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