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Relax and rejuvenate your body...

Our Private Traditional Wooden Massage Bale overlooks the tranquil Koi carp fish pond. 


  • Our local Massage therapists have many years of experience - This will not be your average Bali massage 

  • Couple massage - Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing together

  • 100% pure cold pressed local coconut oil - Made by our local ladies

  • 100% Pure essential oil of Ylang ylang or Asian spice (cinnamon, star anise & ginger)

  • Lovely soft printed Cotton sarongs

  • Natural cleaning products only are used in our massage area & anywhere on our property

Relaxing Therapeutic Organic Massage

Massage Times

9am – 6.30pm


Please let us know the day before or in the morning if you would like a massage.



Massage Menu

Balinese Massage

A deep tissue therapeutic & relaxing body massage to the: back, legs, feet arms, neck, stomach & shoulders.

With cold pressed coconut oil.

Duration 1 hr

Healing Massage


Visit our local village healer in her home 5 minutes walk from the lodge.

For aches & pains, wound healing with poultice. A therapeutic massage to isolated areas

Duration 1 hr

Lomi Lomi Massage

Using the palms, forearms & knuckles to apply pressure to the healing points of the body.

This massage brings health & wellbeing to the internal organs & general health to the body systems


Aromatherapy Massage

A therapeutic & relaxing full body massage, with pure local cold pressed coconut oil blended with either: ylang ylang (for stress & anxiety - bringing happiness & gratitude or Asian spice - cinnamon, star anise & ginger ( soothing aches & pains while improving circulation

Duration 1.5 hrs

20 Finger Eco- Lucious

An incredibly therapeutic experience with 2 therapists simultaneously massaging you combining 4 different massage techniques. This massage brings health & wellbeing to the internal organs & general health to the body systems


Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stones are placed on the meridian points of the body to improve circulation & stimulate body ponts. followed by a therapeutic massage. Bringing restorative  health to the body

Duration 1.5 hrs

Reflexology Foot Massage

A relaxing deep tissue massage to the feet and calves only,  Using pressure to certain points on the feet , the whole body can be stimulated through the feet.

Perfect if you do not want to take off your clothes.

Duration 1 hr
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