Our Meals

Sourced from our Permaculture gardens to your table daily


We focus on Authentic Balinese flavours prepared daily by our local staff - just for you. 

Satisfying your palette is an important part of your stay with us and we delight in

exposing you to new local taste sensations.


Whether you are : Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free or Raw foodie - We can make delicious meals just for you. We also have local chicken on the menu.


  • All Meals are prepared daily at the lodge with spices, herbs, fruits & vegetables sourced fresh from our Organic gardens (where possible).

  • All produce is washed in clean UV sterilised mountain spring water

  • Try our home made rice bread, sambals, lemonade, pizza, desserts and ice creams

         (using our own, cacao and local fruits)


Slow food & Raw Food...


We create both Slow food & Raw food meals, sourcing produce within a 20 km radius from the lodge where possible, using only natural mountain spring water to prepare your meals..


Our local kitchen staff will take your order in the morning for your daily meals, they will then spend the day harvesting, preparing and cooking just for you.

  • No microwaves or fast food, your meal will be prepared slowly with nutrition

and well being in mind.

  • Click Here to learn more about our Sustainability measures in the kitchen

  • Talk directly with our kitchen staff to let them know your special needs.



  • Our Meals range from IDR 80.000 (AUD$8) -  IDR 150.000 (AUD$15) per meal

  • Special dinners are: IDR  120.000 - 150.000 (AUD$12- 15)

  • There is a 10% Government Tax &  5% Service charge added to your meals (total 15%)


Guest feedback


Our meals are what our Guests comment on in nearly every review...





 WhatsApp Phone / Text 

(+62 ) 813 390 288 39 

Daily  Office  Hours are:  8.30am - 4.30pm  


Click here to see what the time is in Bali 

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