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AOP ( Australian Orangutan project)
Orangutan Trek in Sumatra

Orangutan Trek in Sumatra

Orangutan Adoption

Sponsored Balinese Dance class

Sponsored Balinese Dance class

Weekly dance class for our local girls

Tree planting in the Batukaru Rainforest

Tree planting in the Batukaru Rainforest

Rescued Monkeys

Rescued Monkeys

Annual veterinary care for our 3 rescued monkeys

Bali Starling Breeding Project

Bali Starling Breeding Project

Working with the Begawan Foundation

Sponsored "Argo" Drama Group

Sponsored "Argo" Drama Group

A local traditional spiritual performance

3 years University Sponsorship

3 years University Sponsorship

Suara is now a qualified archetect

Environmenal Education Sign

Environmenal Education Sign

Researched & Sponsored by the Lodge

Monthly Sponsored Rubbish pick up

Monthly Sponsored Rubbish pick up

Each month (along with other hotel) we sponsor a village rubbish pick up to take to the land fill.

Gamelan for our village

Gamelan for our village

Sponsored by Seacology, implemented by the Lodge

Bi-Weekly Football Coaching

Bi-Weekly Football Coaching

For our local children - some have gone on to become professional

Monkey Rescue

Monkey Rescue

2 rescued Monkeys live happily at the Lodge

Environmental Education Books

Environmental Education Books

For our local community to learn about Sustainability

Silat sponsored training

Silat sponsored training

Weekly Silat classes for our local children - 3 years sponsorship by the lodge

Animal Protection

Animal Protection

Education and support for a "No catching animal zone" in the Batukaru Rainforest & our local farmlands

Sewing business for our local ladies

Sewing business for our local ladies

Sponsored sewing machines, bought by our guests

Reef Regeneration Project

Reef Regeneration Project

Encouraging coral growth & creating fish habitat in west Bali

Bamboo Viewing platform

Bamboo Viewing platform

Reef protection in West Bali

Our Community Sponsored Projects - Present & past















Current weekly, monthly or annual Projects 2024


  • Village Football Team for under 12 years - We pay monthly for our Coach, Equipment & Uniforms - twice weekly in the village. Also annual tournament sponsorship

  • Local Children's Traditional Balinese  dance class - every Sunday 

  • Monthly rubbish pick up & disposal from our village warungs (shops) & local families

  • Annual Baby orangutan adoption with the AOP

  • Annual donations to the AOP contributing to their tree planting program in Sumatra (from our guests carbon offset initiative)


Past Sponsored Projects & on going Support…


  • Village Tree planting on the main street - yellow coconuts  & frangipani Trees​ x 325 plants  

  • Tree  planting in the Batukaru Rainforest ( past, & current)

  • Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association - Past Monthly donations from our guests trekking in the rainforest

         IDR 25.000 per guest - For community projects

  • Futsel Team for teenagers - Uniforms, Weekly Court hire & Tournaments - every week in Tabanan city

  • Student University scholarship - 4 years ( past) Suara is doing so well now, In 2024 we are looking for a new sponsor - preferably for training in nursing or Yoga teaching

  • English class for under 12 years - The Lodge has implemented weekly English classes for village children for over 10 years. for many years,  ‘Learning english dramatically improves work prospects for young people seeking alternative careers to farming’

  • Bali Starling Bird Breeding project ( past, great project but our Starlings didn't breed here)

  • School fund for maintenance ( past ) - would love to start this up again ASAP when the School Committee decides to focus on the school - Ie: Teachers for every class, diet & hygiene


Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association (2009 - 2017)

To empower our local guides, we developed the STGA.

Our guest donations in the past contributed $2.50 for every guest entering the rainforest to :

Cut the grass at the school football field, make educational signs, improve pathways

in the rainforest, donations to fix local roads, donations to village projects & tree planting

Arjo – Spiritual Drama group (past, love to sponsor again, but this group is not active now)


Silat bi - weekly Traditional Martial Art Training for local Children

 Silat Class (Martial art of Indonesia)


The Silat Group received achievement awards at the regional final - this is very rare for a small remote village.


The lodge sponsored the Silat class from April 2009 - 2012 , it had been over 15 years since Silat was taught in our village. Our school didn’t have any extra curricular activities before we started our 3 sponsored classes.

We were happy to support this group for 4 years, which met twice a week for 2 hours of practice followed by silent meditation.


Many of our students have now grown up and left the school , We hope to reintroduce this class in 2016

- if there is interest again from our village.

Bali Starling Breeding Project


Bali Starlings, once common in Bali, are now one of the World’s rarest birds. Except for a small, and closely guarded, population in West Bali , the Bali Starling has been released on Nusa Penida Island.

By Friends of the National Parks


The most successful Bali Starling breeding program, is privately funded by the Gardner family, under the auspices of the Begawan Foundation.

We were honoured to have our pair of Bali Starlings for a year, unfortunately they did not breed, indicating our climate was not suitable for them here.

Community Aid Projects


Over the last 14 years Sarinbuana Eco Lodge has raised over US$ 80,000 through: The Sarinbuana Trekking Guide Association, Guest Donations, AUS aid & Seacology grants to benefit our local community and implemented the protection of 800 hectares of neighbouring Rainforest, protecting the Sarinbuana Rainforest Mt Batukaru, Tabanan Bali.

Seacology Project

Thanks to Seacology and the village leaders of Sarinbuana, 800 hectares of rainforest are now under protection in Mt Batukaru, Tabanan Bali.

Seacology, based in Berkeley California USA have several projects around the world exchanging environmental stewardship of important natural areas in exchange for money to be used by the community for community based projects.


The area under protection is called a “NO take zone” which means no person can harvest, gather, hunt or cut down trees within the boundaries of the agreement. Signs educating locals of the new agreement have been posted at the entrance to the rainforest, and it is hoped that locals will gain alternative economic & social rewards by supporting Ecotourism.

The Mt Batukaru rainforest is the largest rainforest in Bali and one of only 2 remaining rainforests. You can support the local economy by taking a guided rainforest walk from Sarinbuana Eco lodge (Rp 50,000 per hour) and help locals to see that Eco money is more sustainable than catching birds & butterflies.


Standard Chartered Bank Tree Planting

Implemented & managed by the Eco Lodge. 10.000 native fruit-bearing trees were planted in previously cleared spaces in the protected rainforest. Trees were specifically selected to provide more food for native birds and animals. The Eco Lodge then paid to have the young trees maintained monthly, over 3 years, to ensure a high rate of survival.


Would you like to join us and sponsor 1 of our Village Projects?


On occasion we are asked by our guests how they could contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

There are so many ways you could help our local community, every donation whether it’s big or small will help to develop our community.


Why donate to a village project?

Many guests are worried that their donations to Foreign Aid organisations do not filter through to those in need,

but are soaked up by administration and other costs.

Donating directly to a village project ensures your money is going directly to those in need.

You can keep in touch with your project now, and into the future…


Who benefits from your donation?

Our projects are designed to help both individuals and community groups.

These projects are not solely focused on economic returns, although this is important, they may also enhance the social, spiritual or creative aspects of our community.


Projects available for Sponsorship or Donation


Village Football Team

The lodge sponsors the Sarinbuana Tigers football team which meets 2 times a week at the school grounds.

We are always in need of help with:

  • New balls, uniforms & equipment

  • Funding for Football tournaments & excursions when needed.

  • We are Happy to see 2 of our local boys who joined this sponsored project, become representatives to play Nationally now. Wow! Go Ari & Gantang!

Futsel Team (indoor Football)

3 years sponsoring our local Futsel team for 16 yrs and over, they play every Sunday afternoon in our

local town of Tabanan.

Donations go towards Tournaments, Uniforms & Weekly court hire fees


School Help

If you would like to make a donation to our local primary school, we will pass this on to be used in a meaningful way


Since 2011 we have:

  • Bought a water tank, and connected water to the toilets

  • Paid for a daily school cleaner

  • Fixed broken windows

  • Supplied soaps and cleaning equipment

  • Painted the interior of class 1, 2 & 3

  • Made a school sign at the entrance

  • Fixed up and painted the classroom for English classes

  • Provided educational resources – text books

  • Given weekly English classes to local students

  • Planted trees on the school grounds

Sponsored Scholarship

For a local student to attend University


The Lodge sponsored 22 year old Suara Yasa, for 3 years to attend

University in Denpasar Bali.

Suara started his first year at University on Aug 09 studying to be an Architect. 

Suara has done very well reducing his study time & graduated in Oct 2013.

He is now designing for both locals & foreigners - earning pretty decent money.


Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is currently looking for a new Young Adult to Sponsor 

For me, I would like to sponsor a Girl - for Nursing or Animal welfare training


Tree planting in the Batukaru Rainforest


Would you like to make a 1 off donation to our tree planting scheme?

The price per tree is Rp 40,000 / USD$3.50

including planting & maintenance Rp 120.000/ USD$10  = 3 trees


Our focus is on replanting native fruiting trees inside the Batukaru Rainforest

to increase food resources for wildlife and to reforest eroded steep areas.

Update - The local government have asked us not to plant fruit

trees in the Rainforest ,so for now all guest donations will be directed to the AOP

for replanting trees in Sumatra to increase orangutan habitat.

How to Donate to a Village Project


You can donate to any of the above projects during your stay at the lodge.

Past Donations from guest have enabled us to:

* Buy 5 mountain bikes and start a business for our local guides

* Make an Educational sign highlighting the Flora & Fauna of the Batukaru Rainforest

* Plant over 10,000 trees in the Batukaru Rainforest 

* Over 400 new children’s books for our English classes & library

* Give a contribution to a local youth for their education School improvements

* 2 New sewing machines to Ibu Rusi, who now has a business making clothes with other local women helping.



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