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Senanga Rainforest Cabin

A Peaceful, Private Nature Emerson

A lovely addition to the Lodge, perfect for those seeking a totally quiet space in nature

with no other guests around. This is a true nature immersion experience.

The cabin is self contained with everything you need to cook for yourself or order 

from the lodge restaurant or local food delivered to the cabin.

This Japanese tea house inspired cabin has stunning views to the rainforest with beautiful

windows throughout to bring in the light & take in the views!

With 1 private Bedroom, Kitchen & Dining area downstairs

Upstairs a large chill lounge, fire pit & verandah for relaxing or dining 

Pure mountain spring shower & bathroom

20 minutes walk/ 5 minute drive from the lodge

Self Catering

Shop on the way so you can prepare your own breakfast.

Lunch & dinner can be ordered from the lodge dine in or delivered to the cabin.

Or order locally delivered to the cabin.

The cabin is serviced daily for 1 hour - to make your bed, do the dishes, clean the bathroom

- this is an optional service if you would like to be undisturbed during your stay, please let us know


Perfect For

Nature loving: Solo, Couples, Friends, or a Family 

(2 kids or adults sleeping upstairs on day beds upstairs)

Note: The 2nd floor has high open windows, so not recommended for children under

10 yrs old without supervision

Google - 5 star review

My recent stay at Sarinbuana Ecolodge's New Senanga cabin was truly enchanting.

Nestled by the edge of a national park, this Japanese-inspired cabin offered tranquility, serenity, and stunning

views of the surrounding jungle and Batukaru mountain.

The peaceful melody of exotic birds served as a charming soundtrack to the stay.

An absolute highlight was the second floor's fire pit. It provided a cozy spot to relax, and the sunrise views from there,

coffee in hand, were truly breathtaking.

Though the cabin comes with a kitchen, we didn't think to bring any food.

Luckily the Ecolodge's restaurant, a convenient 15 to 20 minute walk from the cabin,

served excellent meals to round off the day.

Sarinbuana Ecolodge's Senanga cabin is a serene escape from the ordinary, a must-visit for those seeking

a peaceful retreat in the embrace of nature.

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