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Treks & Walks

We have a wide range of guided Treks & Walks for all levels of fitness, from a gentle stroll amongst local farmlands of: cacao, coffee, bananas, traditional varieties of rice, coconuts and tropical fruits, Rice paddies & Temple walks, to the more adventurous 5 hour Tropical Rain forest or overland Treks to Blingbing or the Batukaru Temple.

All treks leave from the lodge on foot.

Our Trekking Guides

Our Trekking guides have great english from years of practice while guiding. Having lived here

all their lives, they have a wealth of local knowledge and stories to share with you. Don't be shy to ask questions!

We bring our guides in "freelance" to guide just for you, no other guests join your group, unless you would like to join with others.

For most of our Treks you wont meet any other tourists in this remote area.

Singapore guests discovering new edible plants in our Organic garden at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Free Permaculture Garden Tour

Time: 2pm – 3pm 

Duration: 1 hour

An informative walk around the lodge gardens. Learn more about the culinary, medicinal and useful properties of over 150 plants we have planted on the property over the last 20 years.


A great way to see the plants which will be used in your meals at the lodge or during your cooking class

See our compost and seed raising area

Free every day subject to availability.

Organic veggie garden photo by Sebastian Drewett copy_edited.jpg
ceremony, Muncak Sari Balinese temple, cacao farming, coffee plantations, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

Temple Walk

Duration:  3 Hours

A tropical undulating return walk  - through mountain farmlands of cacao and coffee to the Muncak Sari Balinese temple.

Learn about the fruits and produce from this area and taste local fruits on the way. There is a priest in the temple most days to give you a Hindu blessing. Please bring some small local money for a donation for temple up keep.

There are frequent ceremonies which you are welcome to join.

  • Please cover your arms and legs when entering the temple

  • Women who are menstruating are not permitted to enter the Temple grounds

  • Pregnant women are not permitted to enter the Temple grounds

A Temple sarong is provided for each guest.


Departure time: 9am

1 Adult  IDR 250.000 /  2 ++Adults IDR 400.000 - Total price

Children under 12yrs - free

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge activities, bird watching, jungle trekking
Bird watching at Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, where can I bird watch in Bali

Birdwatching walk

Duration:  2 Hours

Meet our guide at 5.45am for a stroll around our local area as the sunrises and the local bird population comes to life. 


Departure time: 5.45am

1 Adult  IDR 250.000 /  2 ++Adults IDR 400.000 - Total Price

Children under 12yrs - free

Spotlighting / night walks also possible! 

Balinese bird watching, bird spotting tour at Sarinbuana retreat

Rainforest Trek

Duration:  3  or 5 Hours

The Batukaru Rainforest is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the island of Bali. The largest wetland forest on the island and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. This is  an excellent place to immerse yourself in nature and experience the healing tranquility of the rainforest.

You will be covered in the tree canopy for most of the time 


This is also home for local species :

  • Leopard Cat

  • Kijang - ( 2nd smallest deer in the world)

  • Mountain Chorus Frog - (2nd smallest frog in the world) - Critically endangered

  • Kupu Kupu barong - (largest moth in the world) - endangered

  • Lubak - The connoisseur of coffee, now often caged for tourists - Note: they cant pick the best beans when they are in a cage.

  • Native pangolin - (ant eater) - threatened

  • Landak - Local porcupine

  • Reticulated python - critically endangered in Bali

  • Bats

Batukaru Rainforest trek from Sarinbuana eco lodge, luwak coffee, animal spotting

Suitable for all ages.


Departure time: 9am

Duration: 3 hours (9am - noon) or

                    5 hours (9am - 2pm)


Price Including: Personal Guide & Drinking Water

3 hour walk  - 1 Adult  IDR 250.000

2++ Adults IDR 450.000  - Total Price

Children under 12yrs - free


5 hour walk - 1 Adult  IDR 450.000  

2++ Adults IDR 600.000.  

Children under 12yrs - free



By taking this guided rainforest walk from Sarinbuana Eco Lodge you are supporting a sustainable local economy.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Jatiluwih rice terrace fields tour, zip line, rice paddies, Jatiluwih rice terrace fields tour

Rice Paddy, River &
Food Forest Walk

Duration:  3  Hours


Stroll through groves of snake fruit, cacao & cloves, then walk through rice paddy terraces, see local farm animals & rural life along the way. Then if the weather is in favour have a swim in a local river (pls check with our staff if river swimming is available at the time of your stay)

please bring a towel and your swimming clothes


Departure time: 9am

Duration: 3 hours


(Price Including: Personal Guide, Towel & Drinking Water)

1 Adult  IDR 250.000 /  2++  Adults IDR 450.000  - Total Price

Not suitable for Children under 12yrs 

Exploring nature with your kids, Kijang 2nd smallest deer in the world, Mountain Chorus Frog 2nd smallest frog in the world

Rice Paddy Overland
Trek to Blimbing

Duration:  4- 5 Hours

A beautiful walk through traditional Bali. Starting at 9am, walk for 4- 5 hours through undulating farmlands, villages and stunning panoramic rice paddies.

The trek to Blimbing can be quite challenging, as the trail is steep and slippery in some places. However, the views of the surrounding landscape are stunning, and it's worth the effort to reach the top.


You'll likely pass by local villages along the way, where you can interact with friendly locals and learn more about the culture of the area. 

No other tourists on the trail


Return transport by car included.

Depart 9am - return 2pm Duration: 3-4 hours walking


Price Including: Personal Guide & Drinking Water

1 Adult  IDR 600.000 /  2 ++Adults IDR 800.000 - Total Price

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-22 at 13.54.08.jpeg
Jungle overland trek to Batukaru Temple, Landak Local porcupine, Reticulated python

Batukaru Temple  Overland Trek

Duration: 4-5 Hours

Trekking to Batukaru Temple can be a unique and memorable experience. Located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in Bali, this temple is one of the island's most sacred and peaceful places.

The overland trek to Batukaru Temple can be challenging, as it involves walking up & downhill through farmlands and rice paddies.

The trek is incredibly rewarding, as it allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the natural surroundings.

Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to see various flora and fauna native to Bali, including giant bamboo groves. You will pass through farmlands and witness local Balinese people going about their daily lives.

As you near the temple, you'll begin to see stunning views of the surrounding mountain landscape, which can be breathtaking. The temple itself is a peaceful and serene place, with traditional Balinese architecture and beautiful gardens.

Overall, the overland trek to Batukaru Temple is a great way to experience the beauty and tranquility of Bali's natural landscape, as well as the unique culture and spirituality of the island's people.

Here you may enter the temple, temple sarong available for hire.

Suitable for all ages over 12 years

Duration:  5 hours (9am - 2pm) leaving from the lodge

Return transport by car included.

Depart 9am - return 2pm Duration: 3-4 hours walking


Price Including: Personal Guide & Drinking Water

1 Adult  IDR 600.000

2 ++Adults IDR 800.000 - Total Price

Batukaru Temple trek, Tegallalang Rice fields visit from Sarinbuana Eco Lodge Bali

Day Trek to the top of Mt Batukaru (2,200m) 

Duration:  7 Hours

Mt. Batukaru  is the second highest mountain to Mt Agung (3.142 m)

The word Batukaru translated means, “The Coconut Shell Rock”. Mount Batukaru is an extinct volcano. Trekking to the summit is a 4 – 5 hour trip, and 3 -4 hours to return.

15,000 steps have been recorded for this 16km trek.


A high level of fitness is required – it can be very steep and challenging in parts of the climb.

Those with knee troubles should not attempt this climb - due to steep terrain on the return down the mountain.

A day return trip should be started around 7 am to allow time to return in daylight.

Duration: 7am – 4pm 

Best time to climb is April - Nov


Price Including: Personal Guide 

1 Person IDR 800.000  /  2 -3 Persons IDR 1.000.000

/ 4-6 Persons IDR 1.500.000/ 6+ IDR 2.000.000

Lunch extra charge

Mount Batukaru day trek from Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Coconut Shell rock tours, Extinct volcanoes,

Not suitable for children under 15 years old

What will you see...

You will be walking on a leaf litter trail, the rainforest is mostly shaded so it can be slippery at times.

  • Rattan

  • Birds nest ferns

  • Lanai Vines

  • Fig trees

  • Pandanas

  • Mosses & Fungi

  • Ferns

  • local orchids

  • Wild Black & Macaque monkeys - depending on the time of year

  • Batik Butterfly 


What to bring:

* Good comfortable walking shoes

* Minimum 2 litres of water per person - can be bought at the shop the day before

* Snacks for along the way - can be bought at the shop the day before or fill up your bottles in the kitchen

* Rain jacket

* Charged Phone with a torch

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