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Facilities & Activities 

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 Bamboo Bale (Yoga Shala)

Our beautiful 54 sq. /m meter round Bamboo Bale is elevated

up into the treetops, handmade from, giant bamboo, locally harvested Champaka wood floor, oiled with natural Tung

& Alang Alang (grass roof).

Perfect for: Group Discussions, Yoga, Teaching, Movement or

Healing work.

The Bale is set in a lovely & private area of the Lodge.

Suitable for up to 16 people. Also available for night time activities.



Our restaurant is centrally located with great views to southern Bali.

Casual dining exclusively for your retreat, with garden to table meals sourced from our permaculture gardens.. 

We can collaborate with you, to design an individual menu for your retreat with Vegan, vegetarian and white meat options

Please see our menu choices here.

Opening Hours 8am - 9pm


Natural Swimming Pool 

Our natural swimming pool uses no chlorine or any other toxic chemicals. It doesn’t use salt either (salt releases chlorine into the water), instead we use a natural filtration process. 

Our 8x 4m pool is centrally located by the restaurant & is suitable for all ages. 

Open 24 hours


Waterhole & River pools

We have 3 private natural river pools , wander down through the snake fruit grove & Organic rice paddy.

Walking down to the river pool is great exercise & always fun for your guests to dip in clean Mountain water !

Do you sometimes give yourself a break?


A perfect time to relax... listen to  the water flowing & gentle healing sound therapy  as our experienced local women massage you by our koi carp fish pond.


We offer a selection of 8 different massages & Healing body treatments , ranging from 1 –2 hours duration.


100% pure essential oils blended with local virgin coconut oil.



The super friendly and incredibly talent


We have 12 educational & inspiring workshops to offer here at the lodge - All workshops are guided by our local community.

All our activities aim to give you a very authentic experience & offer you a chance to  "give back" to our community

Balinese cooking classes, Traditional herbal medicine classes, Traditional Balinese wood & stone carving class just to name a few !  



Its 9am and off we go to explore the rai

Treks & Activities

We have a wide range of guided Treks & Walks for all levels of fitness, from a gentle stroll amongst local farmlands to the more adventurous 5 hour Treks ! 

We also offer mountain bicycle tours, bird watching and guided car or motorbike day tours. 

All of our treks & activities are guided by the lovely locals from our surrounding villages,  so as to support our local community.


All treks leave from the lodge on foot.



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